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Teeth-in-a-Day, known as the All-on-Four procedure, is a permanent solution for patients who are about to lose their teeth or are fed up with dentures.

With our professional team, we can restore your smile with fewer implants, less cost, and virtually no pain.

The All-on-Four™ treatment is a fantastic solution.

Dr. Jerry Jesin, DDS
Dr. Rob Eisen, DDS

The Teeth-in-a-Day Advantage

Say goodbye to dentures

No more messy adhesives, sore spots, or embarrassing moments. Enjoy comfortable, secure teeth in just one day, and say goodbye to dentures…forever!

Eat all the foods you love

Go home the same day and eat steak, apples, and any foods you love. With secure All-on-Four implants, you eat what you want, not what you can.

Feel like you have natural teeth

With All-on-Four implants, your teeth are securely attached, preventing any chance of movement in the mouth. Regain your confidence in social settings with teeth that look and chew just like natural teeth.

Show off a beautiful, confident smile

With proper care, All-on-Four implants can last a lifetime. That means a lifetime of laughing, smiling, and eating with confidence… and all in just one day.

The Closest Thing to Having Natural Teeth

With the All-on-Four technique, patients who are losing their
teeth or fed-up with dentures can now have something as
clsoe to natural teeth as possible. Enjoy the freedom to eat
what you want — not what you can — without
noticing a difference.

Dental Implants
Can Last a Lifetime

With proper care, dental implants are one of the only tooth
replacement options that can easily last your entire
lifetime. Working with Nobel Biocare, we offer
a Lifetime Warranty on Dental Implants.

All on Four Implants will Make Your Life Easier!

What will you do now that your natural teeth have to go? Opting for all on four implants is the perfect choice. While you may not know a lot about all on four in Toronto right now, your dental professional will educate you about the process and what to expect once the work is done. Here are some of the benefits those new dental implants (Toronto) will provide in the years to come.

You Get Your Smile Back

How long has it been since you smiled without hiding behind a napkin or keeping your lips closed? Wouldn’t it be nice to smile or laugh out loud without feeling self-conscious? With dental implants (Toronto), you can relax and smile as much as you like.

The thing about going with a solution like all on four in Toronto is that they stay in place. Unlike standard dentures, there are no messy adhesives that may or may not hold when you eat, smile, or do any of the things people do. You can depend on the implants staying in place. Relax and get back into the habit of smiling whenever the mood strikes. You can rest assured the all on four implants will provide a beautiful smile and teeth that stay where they belong.

You Can Chew Normally

A solution like all on four in Toronto means you can enjoy just about all the foods you love. The dental implants (Toronto) are sturdy and will not move out of position. That makes it all the easier to chew whatever you like. Take the same precautions that apply to real teeth and those all on four implants will serve you well for a long time.

Enunciating is Easy Again

Missing teeth make it harder to speak clearly. The same is true with denture plates that can slip out of position with relative ease. If you decide to go with all on four implants, those issues will not apply. You can depend on the all on four in Toronto filling in the spaces properly and not slipping when you are in the middle of a long conversation. In fact, you may speak clearer after you get the dental implants (Toronto) than you have in quite some time.

You Don’t Worry About Slippage

Slippage worries are not just about a plate moving when you are smiling are talking. There’s the possibility of them slipping when you are eating. Who wants to end up with the upper or lower set of teeth floating in a soup bowl?

Go with all on four implants and leave those worries behind. The all on four in Toronto are fixed in place and will not shift no matter what you are doing. Go ahead and order the soup. You can bet that the dental implants (Toronto) will remain where they belong.

Dental Hygiene is Not Complicated

Your all on four in Toronto require brushing after meals. You can keep using your favorite mouthwash. Remember to come in for an annual exam and a couple of cleanings to keep the all on four implants looking their best. In short, your routine for keeping the dental implants (Toronto) in top shape will be simpler than taking care of real teeth.

There’s no doubt all on four in Toronto is a smart move. Talk with our team about all on four implants today. You’ll find that opting for these dental implants (Toronto) will be the best decision you could make.

I Love to Smile Now

I have a high profile job, so my smile is extremely
important to me. After life with dentures for 15 years, the
decision to have implants was a difficult one.

With All-on-Four, I left the very same day with
a new mouth - It was fast, painless,
and best of all, I love to smile now.

— Mary, 56
Toronto, Canada

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