Privacy Policy

We are committed to respect the privacy of individuals and recognize the need of people we do business with and employees for the protection and appropriate management of any Personal Information that they agree to provide to us.

Our clinic Privacy Management Plan includes strict guidelines on collection, storage and use of our clients' Personal Information as follows:

Collection: Our dental centre collects personal information about individuals (employees, clients, suppliers,etc.) for better managing of it’s business. We take full responsibility for informing such individuals about the possible use or disclosure of Personal Information. Our clinic limits the collection and use of such information to that required for business purposes as well as to comply with legislation.

Accuracy: We make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the personal information we collect and use is accurate and complete. All individuals, who provide us with their personal information have the opportunity to review and correct such information, and the information will be modified on written request by an individual.

Storage: Personal information in our centre is stored using electronic means and/or hard copy in to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, use or disposal of the personal information.

Retention: We establish a retention period for all personal information that have collected. Such a period may be related to legislation other than PIPEDA.

Disclosure: Our Dental Centre will not disclose personal information to employees or any third party if it is not necessary, unless individual consent was provided.

Access: We promote individual’s right of access to personal information about themselves. The access to information is provided upon request. The access is provided in accordance with established procedures. Note: access to information may be subject to the payment of any fee according to organization policy.

Be sure that we will never share, rent or sell information that you provided to us. Feel free to ask any other questions regarding our privacy policy.

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