Top 4 Benefits You Can Expect From Dental Veneers

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5 months ago

Dental veeners are customized shells that are adhered to the teeth. Considered one of the most simplistic forms of cosmetic dentistry, this procedure provides quite a few benefits. Here are a few examples of what to expect if you decide to go with your dentist’s recommendation to invest in veneers.

Your Teeth Look Better

As your dentist in Toronto will point out, veneers can be used to correct a number of dental issues. They are often used to help improve the appearance of a chipped tooth. If you happen to crack a tooth, the veneer helps to stabilize it and prevent the crack from getting worse. They can also help restore a smile that has been dimmed because of yellowing over the years. Since the material can be tinted to a natural shade of white, you could soon be sporting a set of teeth that look just like they did when you were a teenager.

Stain Resistant Qualities

Covering stained teeth is not the only way the veneers improve your smile. Once in place, they help to minimize the potential for more staining. This is especially important if you tend to drink beverages known for causing the stains. You’ll also find they come in handy if you sometimes forget to brush after meals.

Remember that veneers are stain resistant and not stain proof. It still makes sense to develop and practice good dental hygiene. That includes brushing after every meal. Don’t worry about damaging the veneers due to brushing three times a day. The material is resilient enough to hold up with ease. If you have any doubts, ask your dentist about what type of toothbrush to use.

No Recovery Period

Many dental procedures require that patients refrain from certain activities for a few hours or days. That's not the case with cosmetic veneers. Once the work is done, you can get back to whatever you would normally do that day.

Keep in mind that you may experience a little soreness in the hours after the veneers are applied. Most people find that using an over the counter pain reliever is enough. If you do need something stronger, your dentist can provide a prescription.

Add Strength to Your Teeth

While much of the focus on veneers has to do with appearance, they also add strength to damaged teeth. This is important since you want to prevent any additional damage from taking place. For example, did you know that veneers help to build up chipped teeth and prevent more chipping? The same is true with cracks and similar problems. The right type of veneers restore some of the lost strength and allow you to continue eating your favorite foods without making the situation worse.

If you are curious about what cosmetic veneers could do to help your smile, schedule an appointment with a dentist today. Find out what sort of issues are present and what can be done to correct them. Even if other procedures are needed, the veneers might be the perfect way to finish the job and leave you with a beautiful smile.

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