The Best 5 Reasons to Treat Yourself to Implants in the New Year

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4 months ago

The dawn of a new year means new beginnings. There is no better time than to think about your dental health. If you’ve been putting off making some changes for one reason or another, now is the time to schedule an appointment and learn more about dental implants. If you decide to go with the implants, here are some of the wonderful things that will happen.

Your Smile is Back

Whether you choose traditional implants or go with the newer all on four approach, something wonderful will happen with your smile. Right now, you tend to smile with your lips closed. It’s not that you are trying to be enigmatic or keep people guessing. It’s just that your smile is not all that attractive.

Once the implants are in place, that changes. You can smile as often and as broadly as you like. All people will see is the twinkle in your eye and the rows of beautiful teeth. That makes it all the easier for you to relax and enjoy spending time around other people.

Forget About a Sunken Jaw

Did you know that your teeth have a lot to do with maintaining the shape of your jaw? Once they are gone, the bone will begin to shift and shrink. That’s where implants some in. 

With both North York AllonFourDentalImplants and the more traditional version, there is something in place that helps to prevent your jaw from shifting and shrinking. The result is you never develop that sunken appearance that makes you look older than your years. Instead, the contour of your jaw line will remain much the same.

Eat What You Like

Have you taken to avoiding certain foods the last few years? Perhaps they cause your remaining teeth to hurt. Maybe you have trouble chewing those foods. Once the implants are in place, all that changes.

With implants in the new year, you can return those old favorites to the daily diet. Enjoy a bite of apple or crunch on a cookie for dessert. You can do that now without worrying about dentures slipping or the action causing a weakened tooth to send out waves of pain.

A Permanent Dental Solution

One of the reasons why you have put off doing anything is that you want an alternative that's quick and permanent. All on four implants offer both benefits. After checking the integrity of your bone structure, your dental expert may determine that you are a prime candidate for this type of permanent teeth-in-a-day solution. Walk in the office without teeth and leave with a beautiful set that will last the rest of your life.

You’ll Like What You See in the Mirror Again

After the implants are in place, you will be able to look in the bathroom mirror each morning and feel good about yourself again. There’s no yellowing or broken teeth to take away from your appearance. That sort of boost first thing in the morning can set the tone for the rest of the day.

Why wait any longer? Call today and schedule an appointment. It won’t take long to work out all the details and be on the way to a beautiful new set of teeth that will make the New Year even better. 

You may be just one day away from living a more confident life.

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