4 Important Things You Should Know About Dental Implants

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4 months ago

Dental implants are one of the most practical alternatives to the real thing. If your dentist is recommending this solution, it’s because it’s the best replacement option for you. While many people know a few things about implants, including how natural they look, there are other benefits facts you should know. Here are a few additional reasons why you should follow your dentist’s advice and choose implants.

Implants Preserve the Contour of Your Jaw

Dentures are not a bad solution, but they do come with some drawbacks. One of them is the impact on the shape of the jaws. Once the natural teeth are gone, there's nothing to help preserve the jaw contour. That's why you see so many denture wearers with what appears to be shrunken jawbones. 

When you choose to go with dental implants, you prevent the shrinkage and shifting from taking place. That’s because the implants are essentially occupying the same space where your teeth were in the past. They are also serving the same function in terms of maintaining the shape of the jaw. Go with implants your jaw will still have the same contour a decade from today as it does now.

The Implants are Permanent

Implants are never removed unless there is some type of emergency. They are intended to last the rest of your life. Most people never have any issues other than possibly cracking a cap and needing a replacement. Compare that to dentures that must be replaced after several years.

You Never Worry About Loosening Implants

People who wear dentures live with the reality that they could slip out of place under the right circumstances. No matter what sort of adhesive is applied in the morning, it’s possible for one or both plates to slip during a meal or while the individual is talking. If you opt for implants, forget about them slipping out of position. Since the implants are embedded in the bone, they are going nowhere.

There is More than One Implant Solution 

One of the reasons you hesitate is that it can take weeks or even months to replace all your teeth with implants. What if you could get the same results with just a couple of appointments? If that sounds like a good idea, consider this newer method known as all on four implants.

This solution requires inserting four evenly spaces implants into the bone. Instead of using individual caps, the four implants are topped with a denture plate that looks like a complete upper or lower set of teeth. As with any implant option, these are considered permanent. From start to end, it’s possible to have everything in place in a matter of days.

There’s more good things to consider about dental implants. Talk with your dentist about what to expect once they are in place, how you will care for them properly, and why you will still need to come in for an annual exam and teeth cleaning. Once you understand all the advantages of this solution, it will be easy to make your decision.

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